Things To Lookout For If You purchase The Asus RT N66U Router

Corrupted firmware – Many individuals that are eagerly awaiting the release of the Asus RT N66U router rushed to purchase it earlier this season when it was initially published but to the dismay of theirs, all those who purchased the original products discovered they’d issues configuring their RT N66U router. Evidently the issue is with the firmware release version The English GUI was corrupted in this specific firmware which causes it to be not feasible to configure it in case you don’t understand additional languages.

In case you’re reading through this article and you’ve purchased the product with the original released firmware, then you’re fortunate. Why? This is because the bugs have been found by those original purchasers of the Asus and RT-N66U has introduced the version As such you don’t need to get into all that trouble to trouble shoot it. All you’ve to do is updating to this edition and feedback from those original customers was extremely optimistic and all of them found that their RT N66U ran successfully after updating to this release. In addition to that, major retailers like Amazon received brand new shipments with the most recent firmware ( And so unless you’ve purchased a preliminary device which has fallen through the recall, subsequently everything you have to accomplish is upgrading the firmware.

RT-N66U Router DOA – What’s DOA? Well but there are lots of meanings to the abbreviation but if men and women talk about their wireless router as DOA, subsequently it usually means Dead On Arrival. Precisely why a lot of people found their Asus RT N66U DOA? This is because what folks do with the majority of routers is simply to plug them in on the electrical socket and quickly powered up. However with the RT N66U, you have to flip the small button at the back on and hey presto – your Asus RT N66U is currently in existence!