Nanakuli Beach Park is a 40-acre beach park which is located off Farrington Highway on Oahu’s west coast. With a well protected family beach in Hawaii all year round and a camping area to boot, there is no wonder why the beach park is preferred among locals for swimming and camping.

Named after the Hawaiian chief Poka’i, Nanakuli means “to look at the knee” within the Hawaiian language. Nanakuli is indicated by gentle wave conditions even when it’s in wintertime months that make it to beach to frequent when additional beaches in the island are experiencing excessive surfs.

Nanakuli features a lovely golden sand beach. Because it has a gently sloping coral sand shore, the swimming pool is stable all year round. Anyone can swim here at anytime of the year without having to worry about eroding strong surf conditions or sand. However, the northern portion of the beach happens to be rough, which describes the presence of lifeguards within the park. When you would like to swim safely, stay at the southern portion of the swimming pool in which the waves are gentler.

Also referred to as “Subland” by locals, Nanakuli Beach is also the considered one of the best diving spots in Oahu. Plus, fishermen, canoers, and boogie boarders also constant the beach. In the middle of the park is a camping ground known as “The Flats.” It includes 12 camping sites which tend to be populated by local campers.

However, Nanakuli is situated in probably the driest area of Oahu. Keep in mind to drink lots of juices or water to prevent dehydration while savoring the surf or even while sunning. Make sure you apply sun protection lotion or even cream with SPF fifteen. Wearing wide brim hat and sunglasses are going to protect you from too much sun exposure, too.

Amenities and services: lifeguards, softball fields, basketball courts, baseball diamond, camping ground, phones, showers, restrooms, picnic areas, children’s playground